Patient group funding

Patient groups – non-profit organisations founded by patients, care-givers, family members and health professionals – are important stakeholders for GSK.

They engage with healthcare providers, governments, the media, and patients to promote improved treatment and services for patients. They also campaign on issues that affect patients’ and care-givers’ lives, including increasing access to quality medicines, services and information on disease. Some carry out research into the causes of and potential treatments for specific conditions.


National European

National European groups

Details of funding provided to patient groups across Europe can be found on the relevant country website. Where no country website currently exists, and for those GSK local operating companies that supported patient groups in 2015, the information is either published directly on this page or in a booklet available from the local office.

All documents are in PDF format.

Countries with websites

Austria (PDF)
Belgium (PDF)
Bulgaria (PDF)
Czech Republic (PDF)
Denmark (PDF)
Estonia (PDF)
Finland (PDF)
France (PDF)
Germany (PDF)
Greece (PDF)
Hungary (PDF)
Ireland (PDF)
Italy (PDF)
Latvia (PDF)
Lithuania (PDF)
Netherlands (PDF)
Norway (PDF)
Poland (PDF)
Portugal (PDF)
Romania (PDF)
Serbia (PDF)
Slovakia (PDF)
Slovenia (PDF)
Spain (PDF)
Sweden (PDF)
Switzerland (PDF)


Countries without websites

Israel (PDF)

Cyprus (PDF)

Malta (PDF)

Portugal (PDF)

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During 2016, we provided financial support to the following UK patient groups:

All documents are in PDF format.

British Lung Foundation (PDF)
Body & Soul
Genetic Alliance UK (PDF)
Herts Aid (PDF)
Meningitis Research Foundation (PDF)
WellChild (PDF)
Primary Biliary Cholangitis Foundation (PDF)
Children with Liver Disease Foundation (PDF)

GSK also provides funding to support UK community healthcare charities through the GSK IMPACT Awards, in partnership with The King’s Fund.  This annual programme recognises and promotes excellence in community healthcare, providing funding and training to help strengthen the award winners’ current management plans and support their future aspirations. Find out more about our Impact Awards.

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Emerging Markets and Australasia

Details of GSK funding provided to patient groups working in EMA in 2016 are listed below.

All documents are in PDF format.

Countries with PDFs 

Argentina (PDF)

Chile (PDF)

Ecuador (PDF)

Hong Kong (PDF)

New Zealand (PDF)

Panama (PDF)

Philippines (PDF)

Thailand (PDF)

Ukraine (PDF)

Countries without PDFs 

Australia (PDF)

Brazil (PDF)

Canada (PDF)

Korea (PDF)

Malaysia (PDF)

Mexico (PDF)

Russia (PDF)

Taiwan (PDF)

Turkey (PDF)


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