IT Future Leader

Joined us in 2012, based in the UK

Meet Yasmin

Hear from Yasmin, an IT graduate about the exciting opportunities available on the IT Future Leaders Programme.


Hi, I am Yasmin and I work in IT. When choosing to work at GSK I felt like I had a couple of choices so I could either work in IT for an IT company or I could choose an industry sector. I did try another industry sector, but for me, GSK IT is an enabler, which means that we can produce systems and processes for the patients so it does make a difference to somebody outside, in the real world.

At the moment I am running a project which is all around adverse event reporting. My direct impact on the patient is by ensuring we have IT systems in place to ensure we are tracking our adverse events. My role is a global role. Mainly I work with the UK and the US and we have a hub in Costa Rica as well.

I have really enjoyed working on the project. I had four project managers reporting into me. It was a massive programme. There were lots of responsibilities. The people at GSK are very open and people do recognise that you may need a bit more coaching, mentoring and support so you really get that. For me that is the one thing in GSK that I really like.

Professional development at GSK is really important. We have a personal development plan that we pull together with our managers and with our mentors. We have conversations on a regular basis, so if something I want to do changes, then that is fine and GSK recognise that as well and they will support you in doing what you want to do. If you want to make a difference, come to GSK.

Hi, I am Yasmin and I work in IT at GSK.