Simon Lau

Business Operations Analyst, Stevenage, UK

simon lau
Simon lau

How would you describe your role?

My role involves supporting both the  financial and operational aspects  of the Cell & Gene Therapy (CGT) Unit to facilitate the development of the assets in the CGT portfolio, building internal CGT capabilities and ensuring the system and processes are in place to support the growth of the unit.

What do you like about your role?

The opportunity to support the development of the assets in the portfolio and bringing these potentially life-changing medicines to patients makes the role rewarding. The science and direction the unit is heading to develop a world-leading CGT platform is underpinned by finance. This facilitates interaction with a multitude of talented people across the unit, therapy areas, the wider R&D function, as well as our external partners. We’re  all working together to bring the medicines to market.

What do you like about working in CGT?

The people and the role. This is an exciting and new area for GSK and every day is different. My role covers aspects of finance, procurement and working closely with our strategic partners. There are various stakeholders which makes the role interesting and challenging. There are opportunities to develop my career within the unit and the opportunity to be involved in different stages of building the platform.

How would you describe the culture in CGT?

The culture within CGT is dynamic, supportive and fun. I have just submitted my MBA dissertation that investigated the culture within CGT. I started in CGT in 2014 (with around 30 people) and it has been very interesting to observe how the team has evolved from a start-up like culture to a team with over 100 people. The right fit of individuals added to the team is critical in maintaining the culture and teamwork within the unit.

Would you recommend GSK to other professionals in our industry? Why?

Yes – GSK is a great company to work for and a diverse collection of individuals all directing their efforts to a collective purpose of bringing life changing products to market. I admire the company’s ambitions to improve the access to medicines to patients all over the globe and taking a lead role in changing the practices within the industry.

How would you describe the opportunities at GSK or in CGT?

In an organisation the size of GSK, there will always be opportunities and it is down to the individual to seize these opportunities. The same applies to the unit. There are a myriad of coaches and mentors across the organisation. The unit is involved in supporting the research, development and commercialisation of potential medicines and opportunities exist in all the lines. It really is up to the individual to determine where they would like their career to go.

What do most people not know about R&D or CGT?

CGT is a new area of science and the unit is constantly learning and embedding this knowledge. There are various roles open, even if you do not have the necessary CGT experience. I would encourage you to apply if you believe you have the transferrable skills that would be applicable for the role.