Geng Chen

Principal Statistician within clinical statistics, Upper Providence (USA)

How would you describe your role?

I am a statistician in clinical statistics and desig studies, conduct analyses and solve problems in clinical trials.

What do you like about your job?

The process of discovering and developing medicines is fascinating.  We are drug developers, we talk with physicians, scientists and experts and implement our knowledge in statistics into studies aiming to convert compounds into drugs.

What do you like about working at GSK?

At GSK, we really work as a team. I constantly learn from people in different functions.  The collaborative environment frees up our minds.  We learn together, make decision together and move forward together. 

GSK encourages personal development.  We are given the freedom to dedicate time specifically to development, or to build your knowledge of the wider R&D organisation. 

What would people be surprised to hear about statisticians at GSK? 

GSK encourages innovation in statistical methodologies and uses cutting-edge techniques to support our trials.  We get involved in the whole process of drug development.