Graduate stories - Future leaders on global assignment

We want to ensure that our future leaders gain as much breadth of experience as possible. One of the ways we achieve this is through a “Global Assignment” programme; a year-long placement for selected graduates outside of their immediate business area and home market.

On this page, we will be following two graduates on a global assignment as they share their journey, both professionally and personally.

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Brunno Cruz on global assignment sharing his career journey through a vlog
Brunno Cruz

Brunno has been on the Commercial Management Future Leaders Programme in Brazil. He is now spending a year in Spain working in marketing within our pharmaceuticals organisation.

March 2017

In his final “vlog”, Brunno has completed his assignment and is back home in Brazil, and he reflects on the best year of his professional life!  

September 2016

In his latest “vlog”, Brunno is excited to share details of a recent trip back home to Brazil and also what is keeping him focused at work in his adopted country of Spain over the next few weeks.  

July 2016

In his latest “vlog”, Brunno reflects on the first half of his assignment and explains why his global assignment meets one of his career goals.

April 2016

In his latest “vlog”, Brunno talks about asthma to commemorate World Asthma Day. He shares an experience with a patient in Brazil which has stuck with him and how GSK Spain has marked World Asthma Day.

March 2016

In his latest “vlog”, Brunno talks to two of his fellow Future Leaders colleagues in GSK Spain and explains the main differences between Brazil and Spain.

February 2016

In his latest “vlog”, Brunno explains what his new role entails and why it makes him proud to work for GSK.  He also shares some of his sightseeing highlights.

January 2016

In his latest “vlog”, Brunno travels over to Spain and describes how he’s settling into his new surroundings, both inside and outside of work.

December 2015

In his second “vlog”, Brunno reflects on his time as a future leader in Brazil and looks ahead to his global assignment; packing included!

November 2015

In his first vlog, Brunno introduces himself and explains what he’s going to be doing over the next year.

peter cookson
Peter Cookson

Peter has been on the Finance Future Leaders Programme based in the UK. He will be spending a year working in Japan working in Marketing Excellence within the Pharmaceuticals organisation.

June 2017

A key objective of the global assignment is to allow graduates to embrace new cultures and local customs.  In his fifth “vlog”, Peter shares footage from some of the things he has been up to outside of work.

April 2017

In his fourth “vlog”, Peter talks about how ‘hanami’ is celebrated by graduates in Japan and the differences he has experienced in Japanese working culture compared to the UK.

February 2016

In his third “vlog”, Peter has shares his objectives for the remainder of his global assignment. He also gives an insight into life in Japan.

November 2016

In his second “vlog”, Peter has made it to Japan and talks about the cultural differences he has experienced so far and his desire to brush up on the local language.

October 2016

In his first “vlog”, Peter talks about his hopes and fears for this exciting adventure.

gabriela lanza
Gabriela Lanza

Gabriela has been on the Commercial Management Future Leader Program in the Caribbean/Central America (CARICAM) region. She is undertaking a one year global assignment in the UK working with the global multi channel marketing team in platform development. 

July 2017

In her final “vlog”, Gabriela talks about two potential offboarding roles she is considering and reflects on how her experience in both London and Multi-Channel Marketing (MCM) have helped to shape her skills and longer-term career.

March 2017

In her fourth “vlog”, Gabriela talks about her leadership journey and reflects on why she admired the leadership qualities of our recently retired CEO Sir Andrew Witty.

February 2017

In her third “vlog”, Gabriela talks about what she got up to during the festive break and a big project spanning 50 countries that she will be focusing on during 2017.

November 2016

In her second “vlog”, Gabriela has arrived in the UK and talks about her first few weeks and how she’s adjusting to a new business area and a different country, including the weather!

October 2016

In her first “vlog”, Gabriela talks about her experiences at GSK so far and her hopes and fears for this exciting new adventure in her career.

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